13 things you need to know about Rick Owens

December 2, 2019

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1. Rick Owens’s full name is actually Richard Saturnino Owens
2. Rick Owens was brought up in California
3. Rick Owens’s mum Concepción was a school teacher and seamstress, and his dad, John, was a social worker.
4. Rick Owens wasn’t allowed to watch TV at home until he was 16 years old
5. Rick Owens attended the local Catholic school
6. Rick Owens’s first job involved working for a company that produced illegal copies
7. Rick Owens used to be a massive caner
8. Rick Owens originally founded his own label in 1994
9. In 2004, Rick Owens and Michèle bought and moved into a five-storey mansion in Paris’ seventh arrondissement, which used to be the HQ of the French Socialist Party
10. Rick Owens goes to the gym every day
11. Rick Owens’s hair is naturally curly
12. Rick Owens always takes a 45-minute nap each afternoon
13. Rick Owens is a big fan of the designer Charles James
Facts taken from i-D UK article